Jessica Rimmer

Jessica Rimmer (Phillips) is an Actor, Host and Model. She began modeling at the age of 14 after being scouted by a Toronto Agent. Her transition from modeling to television occurred on the smash-hit game show Deal or No Deal Canada, where she appeared as briefcase model #1.  From there she went on to various television shows such as Rookie Blue; the highly-acclaimed CBC series’ Republic of Doyle and Mr. D; as well as the highly anticipated television series on HBO, Transporter.


Did You Know?

  • Jessica was a Senior Motorcycle Instructor at Georgian College in Barrie for six years. She taught the M1 Exit course that allowed successful students to get their M2 licence. Jessica loves teaching and plans to go back to it one day.
  • Which do you think Jessica was on first...a dirt bike or a bicycle? If you were thinking dirt bike, you'd be correct. She had a 50cc at the age of four.
  • She used to snowmobile to her high school in the winter because It was faster than taking the bus - more fun too.
  • Jessica loves dogs and would have ten of them if she had the time and space. At the moment, she has two dogs, Charlie & Nina. Charlie is a 10 year old Shepard/Sharpei mix and Nina is a 4 year old Mastiff mix. Charlie hurt his ACL and had knee surgery years ago and also has epilepsy. He takes two types of medicine twice a day as well as vitamins to help prevent his seizures. Jess considers Charlie & Nina part of her family.